The M.Sc. Program Web Science of the Mathematics Department of AUTH and it's Greek Linked Open Data Team the last years have made a lot of effort for the enrichment of the Global Web of Data with new Datasets amongst many topics, and tools for RDF serialization, Internationalization issues and applications. The Greek Linked Open Data Team, under the direction of Dr. Charalampos Βratsas, is responsible for the Internationalization of Dbpedia, the core Data Hub of the emerging Semantic Web.

The Greek Cloud so far...

Greek DBpedia

δεδομένα Ιστού πέντε αστέρων
DBpedia is a community effort for the export and reuse of structured information from Wikipedia. It's target is to provide innovative ways for the reuse of Wikipedia's Information wealth and to inspire new tools for the browsing, interlinking and improvement of the online encyclopedia.The Greek DBpedia was the first complete multilingual dbpedia and established the frame for the development of additional multilingual versions of DBpedia.

LOD of Diavgeia

δεδομένα Ιστού πέντε αστέρων
Beginning October 1st 2010, all Ministries are obliged to upload their decisions on the Internet, through the «Diavgeia» program. Diavgeia(means Clarity) is one of the major transparency initiatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Decentralization and e-Government. Henceforth, the decisions of the public entities can not be implemented if they are not uploaded on the Diavgeia websites, each document is digitally singed and assigned a transaction unique number automatically by the system More.....

LOD of the Greek Police

δεδομένα Ιστού πέντε αστέρων

This is the Hellenic Police Data Set as a part for the effort of the development of the first Greek LOD Cloud. More..

LOD of the Greek Fire Brigade

δεδομένα Ιστού πέντε αστέρων
This is the Hellenic Fire Brigade Data Set as a part for the effort of the development of the first Greek LOD Cloud. More...

LOD of "Kallikratis"

δεδομένα Ιστού πέντε αστέρων
This is a dataset describing the new Greek municipalities structure that was formed after the adjustment of the «Καλλικράτης» program, as a part of the first Greek LOD Cloud. More...


I am gratefull to Dr. Charalampos Bratsas for his encouragement, guidance and enthusiasm during all stages of the work. I would like to thank Professor Ioannis Antoniou for his insightful comments and for his continuous support. I also thank professors George Metakides, who inspired this project, and Chronis Moysiadis for sharing their knowledge during the course work.

I would like also to thank the Mayor of Veroia Municipality Ms. Charoula Ousoultzoglou and the President of the Municipality Council Mr. Nikolaos Mavrokefalidis for their hospitality and their support, both ethecal and economical to the M.Sc. WebScience.

I am gratefull also to the Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Culture Center and former Director of the Public Library of Veroia Mr. Ioannis Trochopoulos for his encouragement and his insight.

At last but not least, I would like to thank the whole Public Library of Veroia staff for their support and usefull comments during this work. Their help was invaluable.

Karampatakis Sotirios
M.Sc. Web Science
Mathematics Department
Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki

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